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A lot of people are under the false impression that somehow the industry has been ruined by the internet, but since now you can buy beats online, promote online and distribute online, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. There’s a lot of talk about cyber pirating and illegally downloading music and how somehow hip hop, the rap game and other genres are suffering because of it. I am writing this article in hopes that I can squash these rumors and send my readers back into reality, because truthfully the internet has done nearly nothing but good for the music industry. The fact that some famous artists are seeing far less sales is totally irrelevant to the bigger picture, which is that music is booming.

The media may be to blame for all the false talk because as sales decline for major artists around the world, the blame has to be put somewhere and the media doesn’t by any means want to reveal the truth. Sure it sounds like I’m speaking of a conspiracy but truly I think that they don’t want you knowing what’s really going on. The major label music industry is seeing less sales but that doesn’t mean a thing when you take a look at the overall scene of music. The independent scene is doing better than you can imagine and it’s because of their success that the majors are doing worse.

 Taking control of the Music

The artists then had to find a way to promote themselves that made more sense and was more effective in today’s market, now that major deals are much harder to reach. We all started finding out own ways to promote ourselves so we didn’t need to rely on any company to do it for us. Well luckily the internet was invented and has quickly turned into an amazing promotional resource for all sorts of products, people and campaigns. With YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace it is become possible to promote yourself to a very wide audience without need for a budget at all. As promotion got cheaper, so did the prices for everything else.

Distribution became not only affordable, but amazingly easy to find. A company called Tunecore came up with the ability to distribute unknown artists on serious mp3 retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody and many more. The price for distribution through this company is so affordable that most people can come up with the coin. It costs no more than a mid priced dinner for two at a less than luxurious restaurant. The internet has opened all of these doors for promotion that were never possible before, when promotion was extremely hard to get. The internet has literally changed the industry for the benefit of independents, so why is it some say cyber pirating ruined the industry?

You can not really do much of anything, though, unless you have professional production. The beats in a rap song are more important than any other factor, that’s just the truth. If the beat isn’t dope then how can the song be dope? Even if the lyrics are perfectly written, the fact remains the same. You can also learn how to produce your own beats by purchasing an affordable production program such as Fruity Loops, but it takes a LOT of skill to make sick beats. For that reason you might want to think about outsourcing and getting some professionals to make beats for you. You can go through companies like the ones we link to the paragraph below to get a professional license to a bunch of beats at an affordable rate. One can buy beats online quickly and easily.


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