The Four Steps To Follow When Buying Hip Hop Beats Online

Buying hip hop beats in today’s day and age has become much easier than ever. Previously you had to do extensive research to find a hip hop producer but today you can easily turn on your search engine, e.g., Google and type in the words “beats for sale”¬†and you will be able to get thousands of website results in seconds. With that said below are the four steps to follow when you are planning on buying hip hop beats online.

A website with a leasing and an exclusive contract.

You should make sure that the website you are buying the hip hop beats from has an exclusive and leasing contract. An exclusive contract means that you have a full hundred percent right to the beat and you can be able to use it for whatever reason that you choose. Leasing means that you have the right to use the beat but you do not have the right to own it fully, every website has its own agreement. Thus, it will be better to make sure you do enough research before making a decision to buy.

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Listening carefully to the beat you are interested

You should try and listen closely to the beat that you want to buy and make sure it is a hip hop beat that has been mixed properly. Usually, people who are interested in buying the hip hop beats are not very familiar with the term mixing. A properly mixed track will mean that the tracks over all sound are fresh and clean as opposed to distorted and dirty, many people overlook this step but it is of extremely importance. So make sure to ask a friend familiar with this field to listen to the track and ensure it is properly mixed.

Check whether the website is over charging you.

Try and check if the site you are planning to buy the hip hop beats from is overcharging you. The average leases for hip hop beats do vary from ten to twenty dollars and depending on how big the site is it could be more. Unless the site is a major producer, then I would recommend not buying more than the average beat leases, but it all depends on your overall budget.

Ask whether the beat is sample free.

The final step is to enquire from the producer on whether the hip hop beat is sample free. If you’re planning on using the beat for a mixtape or profit album, it would be okay. But in case, you plan on using it for a major or an independent album. Then I would advise you to ensure the instrumentals that you would be using do not have samples otherwise you will run a big chance of being sued.

In conclusion, hip hop music is exploding and has developed into a multi-billion industry in case you are interested in getting a hip hop beat online and make a safe purchase there are plenty of sites online that could help you out.

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